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Clarice turned her head towards them, and gave a small greeting in turn. Jennifer noticed that she seemed to know her last name, but not Bart’s. But that was a small detail. Jennifer remembered a bit about Clarice. She was co-captain with Tyler Yazzie on the wrestling team, she recalled. Didn’t she have a bit of a temper, too? Jennifer remembered that she tended to argue with bullies. However, she did not remember her name being on the announcements, which was good.

What was also good was Kiziah bursting past them and swooping in to hug Clarice. Friends? Sure, looked like it. Clarice had returned the hug, with tears visible in her eyes. Well, it was good that the first person they saw, aside from each other, was a friend. It didn’t seem like she was dangerous, which was a definite plus. And if she and Kiziah were friends? That was even better.

Though… Jennifer couldn’t help but smile some. Maybe it was because there was something nice about what she was seeing. In a way, maybe? Though… she faltered a bit once Clarice fully broke down into tears.

Bart had noticed, and stepped closer to ask if she was alright. Jennifer stepped forward. She swallowed a bit. She wasn’t good at comforting people, was she? Maybe it was better if Kiziah did it. They were friends, weren’t they?

“Hey…” she began. But instead, she looked around, still gripping her bag’s strap.

What could she say here?

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