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No way. No way was this happening now. She was standing there, watching her best friend bleed out a huge fucking hole in her stomach, whilst Vinny was pawing at them accomplishing god knew what. This was the sort of thing you saw a movie, not something that actually happened right in front of you.

Her mouth was agape as her eyes pulled back, words trying to stammer out as if they’d make anything better, brain racing for the answer to what the hell was she supposed to be doing right now, every second wasted as Cameron drifted further and further away. She hadn’t even responded to Cam’s final apology, barely realised it was there; there was just too much to process, too much reality to face.

She’d been staring at her best friend’s lifeless corpse for only a few seconds, but it was unbearable. This had to be a bad dream: she was still asleep, and this was all just a nightmare because she’d been quietly freaking to herself about this exact fucking situation for three days. Why the fuck wasn’t she waking up already?!

No, she wasn’t waking up, so this was real. Either she had lost it and she was trapped in her nightmare, or this was real life. Or both.

Her best friend had really just died in front of her.

“Get the fuck off her!” she screamed at Vinny, shoving them away and grabbing for Cam’s lifeless corpse. She cradled her in her arms, feeling her warmth die out. Vanessa was completely helpless as the tears streaked down her face, her cries echoing out the room and getting lost in the halls of the asylum.
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