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Henry nodded enthusiastically at the offers, chipping in with 'yeah!' every so often. It seemed he'd successfully gotten people to a relatively trusting position maybe? Nobody seemed to be about to pull a gun onto him or anyone else, which was a plus when you meet people. Murdering makes for a terrible first impression.

Then Bryony (whose name Henry had been surprised to learn was also a plant name, like Lily or Hibiscus. Kidding! About hibiscus, not lily), spoke up. And Henry's heart sunk. He was the thief. He hadn't literally stolen from Bryony herself, but he'd stolen, and the victims could very well be screwed over by him. The poor girl looked so meek and unhappy that Henry felt a massive pang of guilt once again.

"Oh, that's horrible! Here, take some of mine." Right as he said it, Henry dropped the bag and set the staff next to it, before kneeling next to it and digging into the bag. He pulled out one of the untouched protein bars and held it up to her. "Here, my treat!"
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