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Ew. Gandalf puked. Darius shipped JonathanxGandalf. They would fit together, since they would be the emotionally unstable puking couple. Perhaps Natalie would not be too bad for the crew, since being a wreck is a thing that Jon was, too. Even though, if they had too many trainwrecks on board, it would get dangerous, since it could happen that one of them snaps and ruins his plan.

"Yeah, we are not the killers of her. You can join us, if you want."

Yup, strength in numbers. If they snap, he can just get the fuck out of the group.

"After you clean your mouth", he added. "It's gross."

Lili also finally let the body hit the floor (floooor). She approached them and Darius looked closer, he noticed the white shoes. Oh, her shoes laces were loose.

"Hey, should I tie your shoes? You could trip."

He moved to the direction of her to kneel down.

Well, hopefully they will get off the bridge soon. There was no time for small talk and Gandalf was wasting their time. Well, perhaps there was enough time for a little prank.
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