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These guys seemed friendly. Okay, that doesn't answer the part where they're carrying a corpse. They also said it's none of her business, and in the case that they could be cold-blooded killers, then yes... It's probably none of Natalie's business. If she wanted to live.

"Um, well... Rough day, honestly. Thought I'd snack a break and grab some lunch before," said Natalie as she casually dragged her pack back to her.

She slung it across her back as she took a look at the-


That's when the face hit her.

That's the girl.

That's the girl from before, the first girl she met on the island. She's dead? That's her?? They're carrying her, and they're carrying her-


Natalie felt something come up. She'd just eaten too. Oh god... Why...

She puked on the side of the bridge.

"Gk... Glah... Haff.. Huff... Oh god, I uh... I know it's probably none of my business but... Ngah, that girl, w-w-where'd you find her?" she asked nervously, ready to run if they wanted to turn her into a corpse too.

If that's the girl, what happened to her friend? Did they kill her too? She seemed so tough and strong, she could probably take both of them, though if they had a gun, body strength didn't matter.

Oh god, what if they had a gun?

Natalie thought that the question may not have been a good idea now.
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