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Out of fear reflex like a girl watching a scary movie on a date, Hazel grabbed Jordan's arm. She already knew he was safe and they'd proven to each other they weren't about to bash each other's heads in with a rock during the night.

She heard a voice sort of apologize to them about the booby trap. Still holding on, she leaned in a bit to see who was there. He said it was Jeremy and she looked to Jordan, asking with her expression if this person was alright. She didn't really know much about Jeremy. The boys were talking now and her grip loosened.

"Hi," she said shortly, sort of awkward about not being able to contribute anything else.

Another head came poking out of the door. Hazel's eyes widened a little in recognition at the appearance of the newcomer. She looked discretely at Jordan to gauge his reaction and then back to Alex. She smiled nervously and let go of Jordan.

"Alex! Hey." she positioned her hands together as if praying, with the tops of her fingers just touching her chin. She knew Alex of course from various theater activities around school. They'd been sort of acquainted for years and had now and then had short conversations. They'd complimented each other on the other's acting work, but she couldn't recall ever having an in-depth conversation, alone.

Truthfully, it was really weird being in a small room with someone you kind of know, but mostly don't know. He was a good actor at times, but that meant exactly jack squat for his trustworthiness. She was also extremely certain she'd heard an "Alex" on the announcements at least once and couldn't recall of any other Alexes in school. Bringing this up would probably rock the boat and she was unsure if it was her place to upset the delicate peace they had at the moment. Also, they were in very close quarters and as Jordan had nearly let slip, they didn't have a gun, a knife or even a piece of paper with "Fuck off" written on it.

Hazel's knees buckled and she grabbed Jordan again as if she were about to pass out. Her eyes were half-lidded.

"I.....I feel sick. Can we get some air for a second?" she said, brows furrowed and breathing heavily.
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