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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Jerry Fury continued from that thread where they did the thing and he totally bamboozled Ass-ka))

Jerry figured there were worse ways to be. He started the game near a tower, having some awesome monologue (he was pretty sure it was awesome if his memory was to be believed; if anybody had been watching that camera, they were likely moved to tears). Now he was near a tower. That was a bookend, right? ... Wait, if it were truly a bookend, then this would be an 'end', and somebody would be killing him here.

Not desirable.

Not that being killed was something penciled in on the agenda for Jerry "I have a gun now" Fury. He had a gun now! He had a gun, he had a gun, he had a gun, hurrah hurrah hurrah! He wasted no time once out the doors of the asylum pointing it this way and that, making the obligatory 'pew pew' noises and humming some secret agent theme to himself. He had yet another companion with him, this time good ol' Noodle. He hoped Toby would prove to be more useful than Nadia, Queen of the Tableleg or Ben who was only good for that ice cream pun and nothing else.

No, wait, Ben was also good at abandoning people. So much for sticking to a plan, huh? They had it all figured out, and then Ben had to go and fuck off, leaving Jerry to pull double duty. Now, nice guy that he was, he was doing his best to help Noodle find Trav. Finding Trav... it was a task that appealed to Jerry as well, loathe as he was to directly admit it. Maybe they'd get to have another duel if the opportunity presented itself. Jerry imagined the two of them finding Trav, only to find he had succumbed to the evils of the game. He'd demand their weapons, maybe their bread... Jerry would drop his in defiance, maybe stomp it into the ground and challenge Trav to hand-to-hand combat.

Pretty reasonable little daydream, he thought.

"Huh. So this was the thing we all heard ringin'. You've heard it too, right?" Jerry asked Toby, staring up at the structure that looked like it had seen better days. He wouldn't be surprised if a goddamn Hunchback were hanging around this thing. "I mean, not that I blame them. You put a giant bell out in the middle of nowhere, people are gonna ring that shit."
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