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Done. Done. ohholychristles.

Kaitlyn sucked in air as Mia stopped fighting and closed her eyes. Alan slowly rolled off the girl and Kaitlyn stared down a while longer: hearing Mia breathe, taking everything in. Mia always had awesome skin. Made Katelyn jealous at times.

"ugggggg.... oh man."

She traced her hand down Mia's jacket, into the pocket. The gun's handle sticking out, a treasure chest half-buried in the sand. Kaitlyn tapped it to make sure it was real, then pulled it out, holding it with her fingertips. Yeeeeah. It was more than real, it was a fucking Uzi.

And how amazingly had it all worked.

"oh man."

Her hands were trembling too much and she dropped the gun.

She rolled over on her back and stared up at the ceiling. She was fucking giddy here and her whole body was like seizuring. Holy. Kaitlyn couldn't get up, couldn't even consider turning over for now, she felt like a goddamn turtle flipped onto its shell. And when she snuck a glance at Alan and saw the look on his face she almost burst out laughing.

A few minutes, probably, passed. She started breathing again. Kay then. Sorry Mia.


Alan had said something dumb.

"Not that much. I mean like half a thing."

She finally rolled over and got back up on her knees.

"Let's, uh, bring her up on the--"

OK, now Alan was shouting something. He sounded pissed.

"Or what? You don't just punch people or something and they get knocked out Alan, it's not like fucking TV, OK? She's fine, it was my weapon that's what it's FOR, y'know? Sorry I didn't tell you, but--"

Alan's look.


Kaitlyn scooched over on her knees next to Mia's body. What, was the girl already waking up or something? Just to be safe, she swept the gun away a few feet. Didn't want her suddenly up and grabbing for it like a zombie movie.


Alan's look wasn't like that.

Kaitlyn bent over Mia.

"Hey Mia.




Mia still had really nice skin. Kaitlyn poked her cheek a couple times. Harder.


She glared back up at Alan.

"This is all your fucking fault!"

And maybe another knowing glance came between them. Kaitlyn wasn't sure. But in her mood, she didn't give a shit.

She dove for the gun.
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