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"Nice knowing you too."

So it goes. Or something. Thanks for the chair leg and all, it wasn't like she could just get her own. It was sad because she probably actually couldn't.

Asuka trembled, felt her knees stutter. Her body could betray her all it wanted to now. Fall over, collapse against the wall, let the tear ducts open. It's okay. You can cry now.

Asuka's body wouldn't cry. Fuckin' traitor. She really needed a good cry.

"It's okay," she whispered to herself. "You're gonna be okay, kay? Kay."

Ah, here we go. Not much of it. Most of it came out as pathetic sobbing. But. Nevertheless.

And now what? Asuka knew, of course. Jerry had made that easy. She was gonna go after the Nazi and make him drop his Nazi gun. Yes. He was a Nazi. Might as well be. Not in the genocidal bigot kind of way, in the 'has a sign around his neck saying 'I'm the fucking cartoon writers come up with when they're too lazy to write a sympathetic villain'. And that was terrible. Very very terrible. Not the fact that he was an asshole. That part was definitely fine. Definitely. But was it too much to ask for a deep, complex, byronic hero of an asshole? Couldn't he have done Asuka that favor? At least?

Bet he'd give the terrorists exactly the kind of stupid drama they wanted. So stop him, right? Replace him with other drama. Your drama. Artsy, pretentious drama. That's your gig, your game, that's how you feel alive.

Theory. Heh. Asuka was all about theory. Theoretically happy?

Yeah. Something like that.

((Asuka Takahara continued elsewhere))
dear god dear god tinkle tinkle hoy

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