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(Hannah Kendrickstone continued from the way to dusty death)

Hannah hadn’t been able to find Irene yet. More accurately, she hadn’t found anyone since she’d run after Irene. Finding Irene and Livvie again was more important than the rest of her classmates though.

The body she had seen still interrupted her thoughts at times, bringing faster breathing and racing thoughts. She’d eventually managed to take her mind off it each time with the help of her exercises.

But she still hadn’t found Irene or Livvie and that worried her. The announcements the terrorists made each morning had told her that they were both still alive. She was still worried. It worried her even more that she wasn’t sure what could be done when she found them. Irene had Johnny Three, where Hannah just had her useless weapon. She wanted to find Irene, but she guessed that Irene could probably protect herself better than Hannah could.

They were both still alive and that gave her hope. Enough time had passed that neither of them were probably hanging around that creepy asylum anymore. Irene had definitely run to another part of the island and had been going so fast.

That’s why Hannah had made her way over to the housing block. It was decently far from the asylum, and probably had decent places to rest if either of them had been really worn out.

She considered entering one of the larger buildings, but she just had a hunch that Livvie and Irene wouldn’t hide in one of them. The hunting cabin looked more inviting from the outside. She imagined it would be nice and cozy on the inside. Sure a bunch of animal heads on the wall would be kind of sad, but a cabin was a place she could imagine holing up with her friends. After all, of course someone would have died in the asylum, it was the perfect setting for horrible things to happen. A cabin just wasn’t.

She twisted the doorknob and pulled the door open. She didn’t expect to see the junior holding a bonesaw.

“Oh fucksicles.”
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