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All right. One round of greetings, and no one was firing shots yet. Rene would say that things going pretty great so far, at least in comparison to the many, many worse ways that they could have unfolded. Rene had to wonder what was on that notepad the new girl was waving around, though. She was admittedly a little leery over just giving away information right away, but the girl was alone, and it didn't look like she had any backup lurking in the bushes, so Rene didn't really think there was any harm to it. Besides, it wasn't like she could say anything that could be used against them in the first place.

"All right, so first I woke up and met Richard Nixon, or a reasonable facsimile thereof." Rene counted on her fingers with each new detail she mentioned. "Then I went to the radio tower and met these two jokers." She pointed her thumb back at Noah and Blair. "There was another one of us, but we kinda got separated when we were fleeing a Danger Zone yesterday. After that, we just hung out in a cabin until we came here this morning." She swirled her hand while she tried to recall anything else worth mentioning. "Yeah, I think that's pretty much all I got so far."

She looked back to Noah and Blair. "All right, so did I miss anything, or are we good?"
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