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She probably won't, said Keith, but fuck that. Probably wasn't good enough. She needed to know for sure. She needed-

Someone outside the room. A face she recognized. A voice she recognized. "Yaz!"

Didn't matter that his first word was 'motherfucker,' didn't matter that he looked sullen and beaten as shit. She'd spent the past day looking for him to no avail, and now here he was, as though her quest had summoned him. And there was so fucking little reason to be hopeful, but now.

She pulled herself over the couch in one fluid motion, grabbing her bag as she went. She bounded over to him, not quite smiling but not really grimacing either. She stopped a little ways from him, not really sure what she wanted to do. She really didn't know him well enough to hug him, but she wanted to anyways. It was the first good news she'd had since they'd parted ways.

"Hey," she said. "I've...I've been looking for you."

The other woman spoke from behind her. Lizzie turned to look, and shook her head. "No," she said. "Sorry. I haven't seen her."
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