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Luckily Cass and Irene spoke sense and agreed that sticking together was fine and in another stroke of luck the boy agreed as well. It was a good thing everything worked out peacefully, there was still a shotgun in play. Trav stretched his arms out over his head, relieving the tension that had been building in his body, his muscles had been coiled tight like a spring, prepared in case he had needed to take action.

It was good it hadn't come to that. Trav was aware of the corpse lying nearby, and what it truly was; a warning to them and everyone else. A message. People were going to try and kill them and once they did there would be no remorse. Just the next victim.

Trav wasn't going to let himself or anyone be a victim, not while he could prevent it. He'd decided it during the conversation as he had been thinking about Cass' and Noodle's safety. Sure it was dangerous and dumb The better idea would be to just pretend none of it was happening but if he had the ability to protect people he thought it would be wrong not to use it.

Cliche hero thoughts. He lacked imagination that was for sure.

As things were however Trav was fine with him and Cass continuing as they had been. He didn't see much harm in having two others along.

"Yeah, no issue with you tagging along, just not whatever you were just talking about." Trav was grinning, probably nerves but still he had no idea what the boy had meant.

"What's your name anyway?"
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