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It was a trap.

He ought to have noticed the strings, even if they had been someone camouflaged by the sheer mess that everything was down here.

A door swung open, and Jordan braced himself, putting his arms up reflexively, expecting to be attacked by whoever it was behind that door.

The apology that followed was the last thing he expected.

"Jeremy?" The familiar curly mop of hair was a relief to see. Even if he had expected a fight there was no way he could win one. He'd probably have been chased down the hallway like a second grader at recess if it had come down to it.

But Jeremy wasn't a threat. He was argumentative at times, but that had simply made him all the more interesting to talk to.

"Yeah, it sounds like it works quite well." The can thing was actually pretty ingenious. If Jordan hadn't been the one who walked right into it, he'd probably like it a lot more.

"It's just me and Hazel out here. We don't-" he cut himself off before he could finish the thought. They didn't have any weapons, but that was the last thing he needed to confirm to anyone. Even if it was Jeremy.

"So is anyone else here too?"
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