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“Of course I’m up for that. Even if I wanted to pick a fight… three on one? When one of you has...” Lily paused, eying the… thing… that Noah was carrying. “...whatever that is? I’d have to be a moron to think I stood a chance.”

Lily approached slowly. She lowered her hands as she got closer, once she was sure that they’d seen she wasn’t holding anything. She still made sure to keep the hands well away from her bag, in case someone thought she was going for a gun that didn’t exist. Once she got close enough, she slid her schoolbag off her shoulder and placed it on the sand. Careful to leave it within grabbing distance of herself (and only herself). The notepad was still in her hand.

Lily glanced between each person. There was an odd, tight feeling in her chest as she looked at them. Envy, perhaps? Now that she saw a group that didn’t have a batshit murderer at its head—and seeing as it was early, probably a group that had lasted through the night, perhaps even from the first day—she was struck by a realization of how good they had it. They’d probably slept better. They had that giant saw thing, plus likely other weapons. They had numbers. Anyone who wanted to take the three of them down would have a fight on their hands.

Lily could have had this. And instead she picked isolation. And when she blinked, she saw Tina with her throat slashed open. Or a fabricated but still vivid image of Sabrina with a hatchet in her face.

But that wasn’t what she was here for.

“I just… I just wanted to ask questions. Who you’ve seen. What they were doing. Anything useful. And I’ll share anything I know that you might not.” Lily raised and waved the notepad slightly before lowering it again. “Fair trade, and you won’t lose anything.”
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