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Blair rolled her eyes as the new person approached and her companions offered reassurances that they were friendlies. As for her, she stepped back, away from the intruder, and stood arms folded behind Noah and Rene.

Jennifer aside (she cringed at the memory), Blair's stay here had been really quite innocuous. She was fairly unharmed, after all. Nobody had attacked her. She had allies. She was just unarmed, but that could be managed. But the thing was, she had little faith in that continuing.

The girl's name escaped Blair; she was one of those weird wallflowery types. She briefly wondered if she had known Jennifer, and winced. Either way, not a big threat by herself, but if she was armed (though she had her hands clear and they were empty, so who knew) she was dangerous.

So Blair stood quietly, and waited. She didn't want to start something, not yet. This whole time, she'd been stressing over her imminent mortality. But that wasn't going to make her give up and off herself.

Fuck that.
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