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Bryony wished she had some sort of weapon right now.

She didn’t want a gun, or anything like that. She never wanted to hold something like that if she could help it. There was just so many things that could go wrong with a firearm, especially in the hands of someone who’d never used one before. She just wanted something intimidating to hold. A bat, or a club, hell, even just a tree branch. Even though she could never bring herself to use it on someone, it would just be useful in a situation like this, making her look a little more intimidating than she really was.

There was some definite tension between Bridgette and the other girl. Maybe it was due to them simply not recognising each other, but whatever the reason, it made the whole situation much more uncomfortable. Bridgette was holding what looked like a broken bottle, and the other girl hadn’t revealed what her weapon draw was yet, but even without being armed she was visibly more suited for a potential fight than Bryony was. It made her feel even smaller. At least back at the gym she had been grouped with someone armed, someone on her side.

Now, she was alone, and forced to start over again.

So, she focused her attention on Henry, who seemed to be lost in his own little world, and was asking for a… motley collection of items. It took Bryony a little while to work out exactly what he was aiming to create, and her heart leapt a little. First, though, she needed to get the pleasantries done and dusted.

“Um… hi… I’m glad you’re, uh, not hurt or anything… You’re… you’re making a fishing rod, right? I think you could possibly find some, uh, worms or something in the soil on that hill, the weather looks, um, like it’s turning to the sort they’d come out during… I don’t have anything else that could help, though, I’ve just… just got some playing cards and… stuff…”

Bryony could feel her cheeks flushing red as she spoke. She’d ended up rambling a little, and her excited tone was absolutely not befitting the situation she was in, nor was it an accurate reflection of her mood. The prospect of having something to eat that wasn’t drying bread and vile food bars, though, had been the first bit of good news she’d heard in ages.

“Um… sorry… sorry, I just… someone stole a bunch of my food as soon as I woke up and I just… um… you know…”

Bryony slowly rubbed her arm, feeling even more embarrassed and self-conscious now. She flicked her eyes up to glance at Henry and the unfamiliar girl, before looking back down at the ground again.

“My, um… my name’s Bryony, by the way…”


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