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An interesting notion.

That was what Alex had just said, for the people who didn’t quite hear what had just come out of his mouth. An interesting notion. The words that Jeremy had just put out of his mouth in an attempt to be nice were ones that Alex Tarquin personally found interest in. Jeremy didn’t know what that meant. Tone indicated seriousness, Alex’s eyes were smiling as they looked at him. That meant something. Jeremy wasn’t sure what. Maybe he had somehow convinced Alex to put down his sword or some shit like that. Maybe what he just said was the nail in the coffin and Alex would turn his sword on Jeremy; and despite all the clamouring and all the claiming by Jeremy about the fact that he knew that he wasn’t getting out of here, he sorta didn’t exactly want that to happen. There was a list. Jeremy wanted to at the very least achieve something on there.

So yeah, he didn’t know, and-

The rattling of the cans made him snap to attention. Alex’s trap thing had been activated.

Someone was here.

Alex gave him an order. Put the gun at the ready. No real problemo, it was in his pocket anyway. He stood up, followed Alex. To the other inside half of the room, next to the door. That was where Alex had stopped, that was where Jeremy had stopped. They’d likely open the door. Then something would happen. Likely not pretty. Likely like what had happened with Michael yesterday. It sucked, but he knew that he had to get used to it. This wasn’t back then, when he saw the image of the person in a garden covered in blood. This was now, and the person was standing there right in front of him. He just had to deal with what was going to happen, whether he liked it or not.

But wait.


He couldn’t.

Because the people out there? He didn’t know who they were. They could be anyone. They could be someone like Isabel or Nancy or Kimiko. Someone more dangerous than the average classmate.

They could be Emma.

They could be Serena.

No. He couldn’t. He had to do something. He had to stop this.

Four quick signals went out as Jeremy took a step forward. Finger pointed at Alex, finger pointed at the ground. Finger pointed at Jeremy, finger pointed at the door.

He took two more steps. His head was out the door. His head was looking at the people.

“Oh, uh… hi. Sorry ‘bout the cans. Sorta kinda need them, considering the situation we’re in.”
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