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Nadia turned away from the two as Asuka handed the gun over to Jerry. She put the chair leg under her armpit and put her hands over her ears. If Jerry was really about to murder this girl, she didn't want to see it. She also knew he'd be firing a gun in close quarters and the sound would be loud and painful, so she had to take some protection to not go deaf this soon into the game.

However, she heard Jerry announce he was going to just take the gun and leave. She turned and saw Jerry rush out. Nadia raised an eyebrow as Asuka mentioned having the ammo. Nadia closed her eyes and sighed. That was a good point, and probably the sign that staying with Jerry was going to lead to disaster. Not only was he crazy, he was now armed; poorly at best. She had no clue how many bullets were in that one clip, but it wasn't enough to survive.

Asuka asked how Nadia put up with him. Nadia shook her head.

"Not well. I found him tolerable enough for the first day, but I think I've gotten my fill. Now..."

Nadia looked around. There wasn't much point in staying in the office. She didn't particularly want to travel with Asuka, but she didn't want the girl to be completely worse off for this mess. If Asuka died because Nadia left her alone, she'd probably regret it and have to answer for it. Thus, an idea came to Nadia.

Nadia took the chair leg from under her armpit and set it down on the desk.

"Here," she said. "I've got an extra, so you can have that. I've got somewhere else to be. Good luck."

Nadia stepped past Asuka and into the hall, heading the opposite way of Jerry and his friend. She moved her bag in front of her and opened it, taking the second chair leg out. Looks like it was smart to take two legs, even if the move did make her look as awkward as Brendan yesterday. Either way, Nadia was ready to move on from Jerry Fury and his eccentricities. She needed a real plan.

((Nadia Riva continued elsewhere))
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