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Maxim couldn't help it, not with that response. Despite his best efforts to suppress his amusement, a single snort escaped him. He had expected something, well, more dramatic, really. Some lamenting words, something about bleak prospects or heavy with gloom. Not a response like that - so casual, almost innocent. Maybe all of those stories he used to read had warped his own expectations. Probably that.

He cleared his throat, yawning a little right after. The lack of sleep would come back to haunt him sooner or later, that much was certain. But he had to keep it together for now. "Well, I mean, yes, but that's not really what I meant."

His right eye had gotten a little watery. As if his body was trying to really rub it into his face, show him how stupid he had been to not use every opportunity to get some shut-eye. Irritated, Maxim wiped the corner of his eye with one finger. A little better."Let's jump forward in time and assume we've already eaten our breakfast. What then?" He chewed his lip for short moment, frowning, then immediately shook his head. "Wait, let me try and phrase this differently."

He walked over to the other boy, passing him and exiting the room. Maxim hoped it looked to Ben like there was some purpose behind that. He didn't need the awkwardness of having to admit that he had just done so as a sort of transition, in order to not have the two of them stare at each other silently while Maxim was pondering his words. Maybe he was going overboard in his attempt to appear absolutely confident, but he could just as well go through with it now.

After looking down the hallway towards the main exit for a moment, he eventually turned back towards Ben. "Basically, I'm asking: What do you propose we do to, you know; stay alive?"
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