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((Hazel continued from We're in this together ))

(OOC note: The last two weeks have been really tough at work and like, I'm really sick, sorry for slowness)

Hazel trailed just slightly behind Jordan. They'd hustled out of their last location which was declared a danger zone. She had mixed feelings about this. It meant they couldn't wait at the same location in case Min came back, but it forced them to keep moving which was good as far as that it provided a distraction and purpose.

The distraction element was particularly important because along with being told they had to move or risk explosion, it also announced that Min (her...what? Boyfriend? Crush? Existential dread sex person?) Had killed someone, likely not long after leaving her.

She felt herself fracture just a bit at that knowledge, but couldn't dwell with Jordan rightly telling her they had to hustle.

As if by unseen guide they ended up in some kind of basement in an asylum which she wasn't super jazzed on, but Hazel was still trying to collect her thoughts and feelings together in regards to Min and the last 10 hours or so. Jordan asked her if she was ok and it was like a very gentle pin prick that brought her back.

She shook her head as if trying to get rid of the buzzing thoughts around her.

"Not really," she offered weakly. "But I don't think there's much you can do. I mean, thanks for even asking and just not ditching me."

There was suddenly a ruckus at ankle level. Hazel looked down to see a string of cans. She looked quickly at Jordan, panicked.

"Oh god, now what?"
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