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She’d been noticed.

Bridgette tensed up when a third person arrived on the scene, and she froze up when the trio acknowledged her. She recognized the newcomer, along with the voices of the other two. The boy was a junior she vaguely remembered talking to once, way back when. Tara was more familiar, but Bridgette still knew very little about her.

But she knew Bryony: a very shy but talented girl from her art class. Bridgette liked her, but deep down she knew that Bryony wasn’t the kind of person to last long in a place like this. She reminded Bridgette of Danny and Joshua: perfectly nice people who didn’t have the determination to survive.

There seemed to be no harm in approaching the group. Bryony wasn’t a threat at all, and what little she knew of the other boy ruled him out, too. The only real threat was Tara, who’d chosen to intimidate her the moment she laid eyes on her. But Bridgette could understand her defensiveness, and recognized a little bit of herself in her. While she wasn’t sure if she could take Tara down in a fight, she knew that she just needed to be polite to avoid any unnecessary conflict.

She took a deep breath, calming herself before replying with a brisk “No.” Bridgette walked towards the trio, nodding at all three in acknowledgement. The boy had been babbling on about something as she approached, and she heard him mention a lure and a bobber. She glanced at the boy’s staff and snorted. Was that what he was going to do with it? While turning a weapon into a fishing rod seemed counter-intuitive, it was still fairly useful. Catching fish for food was a wonderful idea…

...and it meant the boy wasn’t intending to use the staff to play.

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