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Jonathan had a plan to get help to the island. That was more than Alba had beyond hope that help could suddenly appear in the form of ships on the horizon. If he had a plan and was looking for help, she'd definitely join in. It sure beat wandering around aimlessly looking for people she was less likely to find. Besides, the sooner help came, the sooner they could deal with dangerous people like Kimiko without the need for violence.

Alba nodded at their suggestions and their information. Now she knew the right way to the gym, and now she could bring Bryony and anyone else at the gym into their plan. Brendan was showing enough reason that anyone who still suspected he was a vicious killer could have their doubts crushed instantly.

Brendan was now going to get his prize from the tower, suggesting Alba come back after investigating the gym. Alba nodded.

"Don't worry," she said. "I'll definitely come back. And I'll be sure to be careful. Besides..."

She raised the rifle, giving a big smile as she did.

"I doubt anyone will try anything while I'm packing heat. See you soon!"

Alba turned and ran off in the direction Jonathan said led to the gym. She had to make this quick. She had a friend with a plan, and she had to get back to be a part of it.

With that, she hurried down the path, ready for the next step in her time here.

((Alba Reyes continued in Malagueña Salerosa))
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