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“Y’know, I thought you were a lot smarter than this.”

Astrid’s glare had gone from being stoic and cold. It was straight up disdainful now. She had been sure, absolutely certain, that Penelope would have been able to understand her view, if not agree with it or want to do the same thing; she had always been rather delicate and innocent at school, after all. But apparently, there was nothing at all that would justify Astrid pulling the trigger. Not killing someone in order to live, not shooting down the murderer with ten kills to their name, hell, she’d probably get called a monster for shooting someone who was about to stab her in the throat.

She was fucking tired of all this. She didn’t need to be demonised, her mind was doing a stellar job of that already. She was sick of being ignored for whatever reason; she could scream at Penelope until she was blue in the face about how there was no other goddamn choice, but she was sure her ‘friend’ wouldn’t care. Her fingernails were biting into her arms as she spoke, voice even louder now.

“If you wanna paint me as the ‘bad guy’ in this because it fits your state of mind, go ahead, I’m fucking used to it. But it doesn’t matter what I choose to do, the terrorist don’t care. If I die because I decide I’m not gonna kill, then I’m just gonna be another number who’s shown them nothing aside from another way to die. If I try and be the last person alive then I’m forced into fighting people I’ve known my entire fucking life. And are they gonna fucking care if we all die? That’s just gonna let them show the entire fucking world they can kill off an entire class of people and no-one can stop them!”

Her temper was flaring, and all her composure was gone. She was working herself up with her tirade at Penelope, but she’d gone past the point of caring now. She stepped closer to the other girl, then closer still, uncomfortably so, before pointing at her eyepatch.

“You see this? You know how much fucking shit I’ve had to go through thanks to this? I had to restart my entire fucking life again after this happened. Everything I’d learnt up to that point, I had to teach myself again, all because of some shitstain with a future of living in his mom’s basement. All that time, I had to endure people calling me ‘cyclops’ and ‘a freak’, I had to ignore the people who tried to stop me from playing soccer, I had to deal with all the fucking people who didn’t think I’d succeed. Well, fuck that! I was gonna become a doctor, and nothing and nobody in that shitty little nowhere town was gonna stop me.”

Astrid took a step back from Penelope. She angled her neck and spat onto the floor, saliva dissipating into the water.

“Maybe you’re used to having done nothing with your life, but I’m not.”


"bryony and alba would definitely join the terrorists quote me on this put this quote in signatures put it in history books" - Cicada Days, 2017
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