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Neither had an answer for her, that was the worst thing. It's as if everything stopped making sense for Serena, Al running off without her, her classmate in front of her covered in blood that's not his. The dead body of Barry inside the tower, twisted and broken by Alvaro. At least now they knew why the boy ran away so fast, holed up in this place with that at the front door

Aiden lost his temper and yelled out loud, his back to them as he started swearing up and down about leaving. Swearing aside, He had a point. They couldn't stay there, not with Barry...inside.

As Aiden started walking away, Mel extended her hand out to Serena and told her she was with them. She looked at her for a bit, earlier she had told Al to be distrustful of everyone, even friends. You never know, back home Alvaro didn't seem like the type to just...murder someone like that, but what else could she do? Spend a day alone out of paranoia? Or go with two people who had their heads on straight?

"Thanks Mel, I...I appreciate it."

So she did.

((Serena Waters continued in Aluminum Bicycle Rods))
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