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It was just like yesterday, again. Maxim's calm and collected demenour stood in stark contrast to Ben's panicked and fearful reaction. He chided himself for it, resolving to try and emulate Maxim more from now on, his admiration of his friend having grown exponentially since he had turned up yesterday. What Maxim did, he would do, and the first order of business was to stop behaving like a frightened child. He had to be calm and he had to be strong. He had to wise up. Basically, he had to grow up, and do it now.

"Those are resolutions you cannot keep.", said a voice that was becoming far too familiar. Ben wavered and didn't answer.

Maxim stood up from the bed, while Ben stayed put in the doorway. Then Maxim looked at Ben and asked "What now?". It sounded like a statement, though it was phrased as a question.

"Right.", answered Ben. He didn't really know where to go from here, either. "I guess it doesn't make any sense to go after her. She went and left us behind.", he spoke, bitterness seeping into his words. Lili was gone and they couldn't rely on her any more. Not even if she came back.

Before the announcement, Ben would have suggested to go looking for other people. Now, he wasn't sure. It depended on how he would decide to judge people in the future, and to decide, he needed to talk with Maxim. Yet it seemed so rude to announce that he might have a suggestion, but it would take a long and probably arduous conversation to be sure. He would talk to Maxim. He needed to. And he wasn't sure how long it could wait, but he would try to do so for a little while. Just until the right moment presented itself.

In the meantime, they might as well do something useful.

"What about breakfast? I can't think of anything else right now."
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