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Thursday, March 6th, 2014


[1:14:45 PM] IcyBunny: Penelope! Penelope!
[1:16:31 PM] PixelTurtle: eh wot
[1:16:39 PM] PixelTurtle: you know I'm in class right 3:<
[1:16:58 PM] PixelTurtle: (it's cool, what's up~)
[1:17:11 PM] IcyBunny: Ack! I'm sorry, I was just excited and forgot to wait for you to get home. My girlfriend is here with me! She just got off her plane and I am just... so happy right now.
[1:18:39 PM] PixelTurtle: :O
[1:18:46 PM] PixelTurtle: awesome!!
[1:18:55 PM] PixelTurtle: I'm happy for you :3
[1:19:12 PM] PixelTurtle: a weird coincidence too!
[1:19:19 PM] PixelTurtle: because like...
[1:19:26 PM] PixelTurtle: I actually just managed to snag a relationship last night, myself!
[1:19:54 PM] IcyBunny: Oh my gosh that's great! Especially because of how often you've been talking about how lonely you are, I was worried about you! If you don't mind me asking, what's his name? Also, what's he like?
[1:21:10 PM] PixelTurtle: aw man I didn't want to worry you
[1:21:26 PM] PixelTurtle: and his name is Samuel
[1:21:37 PM] PixelTurtle: buuuuuuuuut I just call him Sam :3
[1:21:49 PM] PixelTurtle: and he's great
[1:21:52 PM] PixelTurtle: just
[1:21:54 PM] PixelTurtle: the best
[1:22:00 PM] PixelTurtle: he's a sweetheart like you wouldn't believe
[1:22:48 PM] IcyBunny: I'm glad, I hope things work out for you!
[1:23:00 PM] IcyBunny: Oh, and also... remember how you told me you wanted a picture of me and my girlfriend together way back in December?
[1:23:09 PM] IcyBunny: Uploaded hey_there_Penelope.jpg
[1:24:44 PM] PixelTurtle: :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[1:24:55 PM] PixelTurtle: you guys are so cuuuuute!
[1:25:04 PM] PixelTurtle: even cuter than I imagined :3
[1:25:14 PM] PixelTurtle: man now I wish I was over there in Scotland with you guys
[1:25:22 PM] PixelTurtle: with Sam too!
[1:25:39 PM] PixelTurtle: we could go on a double date or something, it'd be awesome!
[1:26:14 PM] IcyBunny: That would be lovely. Alas, the Atlantic Ocean foils attempts at direct contact once again.
[1:27:17 PM] PixelTurtle: eugh, I know right
[1:27:28 PM] PixelTurtle: also, I think the teacher might be onto me using my phone
[1:27:35 PM] PixelTurtle: gotta go, message you again when I get home!
[1:28:37 PM] IcyBunny: See you later.
[1:28:46 PM] IcyBunny: I'll have more pictures of the two of us when you get back. :)

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