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Jasper jumped at the doors flinging open, instinctively shielding himself. The newcomer’s voice was loud, but it was surprisingly friendly...and somewhat familiar. Jasper slowly lowered his arms and peered at the person. Audrey was another junior he was on fairly good terms with, but they were never friends. But in times like this, his standards of friendliness weren’t particularly high.

“H-hey,” he squeaked out, trying to relax and ease back into the familiar flow of conversation “Is it supposed to rain today? I wouldn’t know, since I’ve been in here for, uh, about a day now.” Jasper straightened up in his chair, trying to appear casual. “I’ve just been hanging out here, taking a break, yanno?”

Jasper may not have been as lively as usual, but he still was genuinely happy to see her. She’d been the first person he’d seen since yesterday morning, and she already seemed like much less of a downer Junko and Fire Girl had been. Exhaling, he forced a smile and looked at Audrey.

“How about you? What’ve you been up to?”

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