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She would've liked to think that, in a different time and place, Darius' words wouldn't have stung as much as they did now. Lili stayed silent as he poked fun at the girl, her face still blurry. She couldn't muster the energy to speak

As the blurry girl swayed close to the edge of the bridge, Lili felt a shout rise up in her throat. Before she could say anything, however, she suddenly found the entirety of Jasmine's weight on her shoulders. She stumbled backwards as she pulled Jasmine toward her, careful not to let her drop on the ground too hard. Even if she was dead, and sort of icky, she was still a person. Even if she tried to bury it, Lili still thought of her as such. As she tried to get the body upright, she could hear the girl trying to speak with Darius.

Lili took the time to try and find a new way to carry the girl, one that wouldn't completely break her back. Jasmine was both taller and heavier than Lili, making the task close to impossible. Each moment she spent grappling with the tense skin and rigidness of the corpse, she found herself less willing to touch it, but she knew she was even less willing to lay her down on the bridge all alone.

So Lili was reduced to staring from a distance at two blurry people saying blurry words in a blurry place, holding up the body of a girl whose entire world had been reduced to smudges and scratches on a lens; a camera lens. She'd interject if she needed to, right?

Her head began to burn again with longing for cigarettes.
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