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Leaving right now became not quite leaving right now as Jerry did the Jerry thing and pissed Asuka off. Toby stopped psyching up and for a second just stared.

For fuck's sake, was this actually happening, because she really didn't have time for ... it.

Asuka was giving Jerry a gun? That was... amongst the worst ideas Toby had seen so far today.

No, scratch today. Last few weeks, last months. Why oh why would you arm Jerry. Even to prove a point. Especially to prove a point.

She didn't think Jerry would actually shoot her. He was a jackass, but not that flavour of jackass.

It was still a colossally bad idea.

And now Jerry was 'with' her.

With a gun.



Toby started to jog away through the corridors, and had never been less reassured to have company.

((Toby continued in Ain't nobody got time for that))
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