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Isabel smirked as the kid fumbled through the air only to hit the ground below hard. That was that.

Now she just needed to head down and grab his stuff, maybe even keep his bag as an extra supply carrier. Her bag was almost packed full at this point from all the pillaging she had done.

Isabel looked back down at the kid's broken frame, his legs having twisted in awkward directions after they broke from the fall. An image of a job well done... except... was he moving? His head was turning to look around. He was still alive.

"Eugh," Isabel vocalized. The smirk she had on her face from yet another show of power and dominance faded, only to be replaced by an angry glare, teeth clenched in frustration. Now she had to go down there and finish the job too. Such a waste of time, this kid wasn't even worth the effort she'd have to put in to carve up.

Isabel sighed as she turned back towards the staircase. She might as well look on the bright side, she thought to herself, as she readjusted her bag straps. Even if putting the extra effort into this kill was a waste of her time, at least it was more enjoyable this way. Killing someone so quickly with so little fanfare wasn't her style. Drag it out, make it vicious, and maybe, just maybe she might get that best kill award that she wanted. That she deserved. She didn't understand why she hadn't gotten one already. After all, the terrorists wanted to reward people that were playing, right? Nobody else was playing the game as right as she has been. All the rest of them were losers destined to be crushed under her boot. She was the only one that mattered.

The stairs clanged as she walked down them, the rusted metal groaning as she made her way back down. The boy had noticed her at this point, and was fumbling for his sickle that was nearby, just out of his reach. A smile began forming and growing on her lips as she got ever closer to him. When she finally was just a few feet away from him, she cocked her head to the side as he looked at her in panic. The fear reflected in his eyes was probably the best part of all of this.

"Oh... now, what do we have here?"
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