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The girl who dreams on the back of a giant space turtle.
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Wednesday, December 25th, 2013


[8:02:08 AM] PixelTurtle: goooooood morning, Emily
[8:02:13 AM] PixelTurtle: and merry christmas! :D
[8:02:46 AM] IcyBunny: Good morning, sleepyhead. Merry Christmas to you too!
[8:03:00 AM] PixelTurtle: aww come on you know I was exhausted after working on that christmas eve art stream all day
[8:03:07 AM] PixelTurtle: can't a girl fall asleep at 7 PM in peace?
[8:03:21 AM] IcyBunny: Of course~ Just poking fun at how you slept nearly 13 hours.
[8:03:46 AM] PixelTurtle: hey I've been awake for an hour already!
[8:03:52 AM] PixelTurtle: so it was only twelve
[8:03:58 AM] PixelTurtle: nyeh >:p
[8:04:05 AM] IcyBunny: Hehe.
[8:04:25 AM] IcyBunny: Sooooo... have you gotten the chance to open any presents yet?
[8:04:37 AM] PixelTurtle: mhm! my family always gets up early on Christmas day
[8:04:49 AM] PixelTurtle: got a few new video games that I asked for and a 40$ steam card
[8:04:58 AM] PixelTurtle: gonna be rolling in the video games once steam finally decides to finish updating
[8:05:02 AM] PixelTurtle: oh! and my parents got me like
[8:05:08 AM] PixelTurtle: twelve packs of gum
[8:05:14 AM] PixelTurtle: love the stuff, always help me calm my nerves when I can't keep calm all by myself
[8:05:22 AM] PixelTurtle: though I'll probably go through all of these packs in a week or two
[8:05:31 AM] PixelTurtle: it's totes not an addiction, honestly
[8:05:48 AM] IcyBunny: Do I need to get you to go into rehab? :P
[8:05:56 AM] PixelTurtle: you wish!
[8:06:09 AM] PixelTurtle: never gonna give up gum chewing >:3
[8:06:17 AM] PixelTurtle: ...anyway, did you get anything?
[8:06:37 AM] IcyBunny: No, or at least, not anything from my family. My mom only makes enough money for us to barely get by. But! My girlfriend sent me a bunch of nice stuff.
[8:06:48 AM] PixelTurtle: ohh watcha get? :o
[8:06:53 AM] PixelTurtle: also sorry about your living situation :c
[8:07:10 AM] IcyBunny: Ehh, it's okay. Better than living out on the streets. And she sent me some candies from Japan, some prints of various art I commissioned, and a 3DS and a copy of Animal Crossing!
[8:07:21 AM] IcyBunny: She loves the game and she's been wanting to play it with me for a while now. I'm excited to give it a try!
[8:07:32 AM] PixelTurtle: d'aww
[8:07:40 AM] PixelTurtle: that's so sweet!
[8:07:53 AM] PixelTurtle: I bet you guys make a cute couple :3
[8:08:13 AM] IcyBunny: Well, I think we do. I think she thinks we do too! Although it's been a while since we've been able to meet up. She lives in Sweden and I don't, after all.
[8:08:19 AM] PixelTurtle: are you going to meet up anytime soon?
[8:08:25 AM] IcyBunny: Whenever she has some time off of work and enough money for a plane ticket, I assume.
[8:08:35 AM] PixelTurtle: aww man
[8:08:41 AM] PixelTurtle: send me a picture the next time you get together
[8:08:47 AM] PixelTurtle: I want to fawn over how cute you guys definitely are
[8:08:49 AM] PixelTurtle: <3
[8:08:54 AM] IcyBunny: Thanks. <3
[8:09:26 AM] PixelTurtle: so, to change the subject, I was working on my latest game and
[8:09:38 AM] PixelTurtle: fuck my sisters just started fighting in the hallway outside my room :\
[8:09:44 AM] PixelTurtle: why are they always so damn loud?
[8:09:55 AM] PixelTurtle: brb, gonna get them to quit
[8:10:11 AM] IcyBunny: Oh, uh, alright! See you in a bit!

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