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Aiden didn't like feelin' all gross like this - not because of all that fuckin' muck on him, not just because of that. He felt gross like, grouchy and huffy and shit; itchy and sickly and all kinds of fucked. Even before Mel opened the goddamn door. But now, now that thing was wide fuckin' open and everything was a hundred motherfuckin' times worse.

Had only been one day. Felt like fuckin' years now, that time he'd last seen Barry. That thing there, that was him now, all twisted and weird and just goddamn wrong -

He turned away, covering the lower half of his face with his hand. Taste in his mouth was all too familiar now, like it was gonna come out any fuckin' moment. Fuckin' hell, they had to be fuckin' kiddin', this couldn't be for fuckin' real, fuckin' bodies fuckin' everywhere, fuck.

Even now though, even now he was lookin' straight at another dead fuckin' body, goddamn Harold still lyin' there. He was sick of it. So fuckin' sick of it all. They had to get out of there, no goddamn way he could take any more of it.

"Fuck's sake!"

Aiden's hand was clutching his other arm now, tryin' to keep it from jittering around like that. He felt like one big sack of fuckin' jello, so he did. He was starin' at the ground now, with his back turned towards the others.

"I've fuckin' had it, this place is just sick." His voice went so high it broke halfway through. He didn't care. Had to get out of there, all that fuckin' mattered.

"Please, let's just leave, yeah? Go somewhere where there's no dead people around. I can't fuckin'..." Aiden breathed in. Even speaking was makin' him feel all hurt now. Could just keep his mouth shut. At least till they found somewhere else to - do whatever, really. As long as it wasn't here. He breathed out, gently cupping his forehead.


He started walking. They'd follow him, sure they would. Those two were good people. Like Barry had been, like Harold and Scarls. Only the three of them were dead, and him and Mel and Rena, they'd fuckin' make it. They'd make it, they only had to get somewhere else.

((Aiden Slattery continued elsewhere))
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