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Natalie heard the two shouting at her.

She recognized one of them by name. Lili, the girl, was a Junior as well. When they called to her, she really didn't know how to react.

Then the boy dropped the bomb on her.

"Have you never seen a corpse before?"

Natalie's heart sank. Her chest began to hurt. Like stage fright, but much much worse. That word was just casually tossed towards her.



How are they so casual about it?

Were they going to attack her?

Natalie hadn't realized, but she'd been slowly crawling backwards as they approached her. As her right hand accidentally grabbed the edge of the bridge, she wobbled her body, only to safely grab onto the railings.

She could've fallen.

She could've died just then.

Then she'd become a...

...A corpse.

Natalie's stomach became nauseous.

"Uh... I'm not gonna jump you. If anything you guys kinda scared me, hehe..."

As they got closer to her, she gulped.

"So, uh... Why um... Why are you two carrying a c-... Why are you two carrying that girl with you, again?" said Natalie, grabbing hold of the bridge railing as she slowly stood up, making sure her bag was in sight, in case they jump her.
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