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Brendan felt himself calming down after his sudden crying when Alba was trying to comfort him. He felt somewhat guilty for breaking down like that. He wished that he never did cry. He felt embarassed about it. He couldn't let it get to him. He needed to stay in control of himself for a little while longer. He had to for Alba and Jonathan's sakes. Alba mentioned something about the gym and someone named Byrony. It seemed like Alba wanted to here to find her friend. The first place that he had woke up in. He wanted to go with her. But he didn't want to leave Jonathan again.

He tried to wipe away his tears and he sniffled. He was about to speak until Jonathan mentioned the radio tower. It seemed like he and Darius has a plan of some sort. Brendan just listened to Jonathan explaining the plan. Brendan wasn't sure if it would work but they had to try. It was better than doing nothing. But what if no one would come for them? What if they would be too late to save everyone? What if it would be all for nothing?

Stop being so negative, Brendan. Look on the bright side....

Jonathan was talking to Alba as if she was going to be on her own to look for her friend. Brendan didn't want her to be all alone. But.....

"Alba, if you find Byrony. Please come back here with her. If she isn't there.... Just come back alone and then we can try to help you find her. Wherever she may be, I'm sure that she will be alright."

Brendan almost felt like crying again when Jonathan started to say kind words to him. He finally believe him? Brendan felt a bit relieved. Although, he was worried about what Jonathan would think of Michael now. If they saw each other again, Brendan had a feeling that things would end up badly. Especially since Michael wanted to kill him. Why did things have to be so complicated?


He was fiddling with the wooden stick in his hands as he spoke quietly. Did he finally manage to get through to Jonathan for now? Jonathan was right. He needed to go to the radio tower and get his.... prize. The thought of winning something for just killing someone made him feel sick. Maybe he could give it to Jonathan when he came back. He wouldn't feel comfortable with whichever it was anyway.

"I..... T-Thank you. Both of you for believing in me. I can't tell you how happy that makes me feel to hear those words from the both of you...." Brendan was being honest to them and he shifted his foot lightly. He had to go to the radio tower. He had no choice. "I'll get whatever it is and I will come back to you, Jonathan, I p-promise! If I see Darius.... I'll tell him about you, Jonathan."

Brendan turned his head towards where Alba was standing and he showed her a kind smile. He hoped that he would see her again. He didn't want anything bad to happen to her or Jonathan. He needed to be more responsible. He wanted to protect them. He couldn't make that a promise, but he had to at least try to be a better person.

"Good luck, Alba...."

((Brendan Harte continued in I Don't Feel Like A Winner))
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