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Aiden didn't want the jacket, he wanted Mel to keep it. She didn't get his reasoning, if he was caught walking around with that much blood on him, people will figure it's alright to attack on sight. Mel didn't look pleased with it either, Serena looked at the two feeling a bit awkward. Neither looked to be giving up.

Almost as if to break the subject, Aiden wanted them to check out the tower, the reason they were all there. As they walked closer, Mel walked up front and opened the door. It was then they saw Barry, or rather what was left of him.

His neck was snapped, the angle almost made it look silly, like this was all a black comedy and his death was a punchline for people to laugh at.

"How... how could h-he have done that to Barry!?" The words squeaked out after Mel closed the door, she was trying her best not to freak out at them, but the scene of one of the nicest people she knew killed, and for what? So Alvaro could go home and continue as if he hadn't done nothing wrong? Serena wasn't going to stand for that.

She looked at them for an answer, trying; and failing not to cry.
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