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Saturday, September 14, 2013


[2:56:50 AM] *** IcyBunny would like to add you on Skype

So I know this is a bit awkward, but hey! ***
[3:09:16 AM] PixelTurtle: uh, hello
[3:09:23 AM] PixelTurtle: who is this if you don't mind me asking?
[3:10:05 AM] IcyBunny: Oh! Um...
[3:10:48 AM] IcyBunny: So basically... I've been following you on Tumblr for I think... three months? And I think you're a really cool person and I really like your art, especially since you're so young! So I saw a post you made eight months ago that included your Skype contact information and I just thought I'd talk to you. If you're uh... okay with that. I really admire you and kinda want to be your friend and... stuff.
[3:11:25 AM] PixelTurtle: oh a follower I see? :3
[3:11:38 AM] PixelTurtle: you'd be surprised at how few people actually contacted me even though I made my skype info public
[3:11:46 AM] PixelTurtle: aka none at all, you're the first!
[3:11:52 AM] PixelTurtle: exciting huh? :D
[3:12:27 AM] IcyBunny: That's... yeah that's really weird. I was expecting you to have gotten bothered by this kind of stuff a lot and just reject my contact request, especially since you have so many followers!
[3:12:39 AM] PixelTurtle: nope!
[3:12:48 AM] PixelTurtle: guess people are just shy
[3:12:51 AM] PixelTurtle: anyway...
[3:13:24 AM] PixelTurtle: I kinda like stroking my own ego sooooooooo
[3:13:33 AM] PixelTurtle: why dontcha tell me what you like about my blog :o
[3:14:30 AM] IcyBunny: That's easy! You're art's really great, you're a fan of so many things I like myself (like Homestuck!), from your interactions with other followers you seem to be really nice and level headed, you're aspiring to be a game designer and the two games you've posted on GameJolt were pretty good!
[3:14:45 AM] IcyBunny: That's actually how I started following you, hehe.
[3:14:58 AM] PixelTurtle: aww, thanks
[3:15:12 AM] PixelTurtle: I wasn't actually expecting such honest praise ^_^;
[3:15:18 AM] PixelTurtle: I uh
[3:15:25 AM] PixelTurtle: oh shit it's 3 AM
[3:15:36 AM] PixelTurtle: I REALLY need to get to sleep ugh
[3:15:51 AM] IcyBunny: Oh yeah, I forgot you were from the states.
[3:16:03 AM] IcyBunny: It's 10 AM here in Scotland, much more reasonable time to be awake.
[3:16:20 AM] IcyBunny: Get some sleep! If you don't you'll be dreadfully tired in the morning.
[3:16:29 AM] PixelTurtle: alright Mr. (Ms?) Bossypants >:o
[3:16:37 AM] IcyBunny: I'm a ma'am.
[3:16:45 AM] PixelTurtle: gotcha!
[3:16:58 AM] PixelTurtle: but yeah, sorry to cut your off! I would love to talk more but for right now I need to get some sleep
[3:17:10 AM] PixelTurtle: talk to you more when I wake up?
[3:17:18 AM] IcyBunny: I would love that.
[3:17:36 AM] PixelTurtle: awesome! will do :3
[3:17:44 AM] PixelTurtle: good night!
[3:17:50 AM] IcyBunny: Good night, and sleep well!

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