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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Noah didn't know what to say to Blair suggestion about offing herself if it came to them in the end. Abby had offed herself yesterday, something Noah had tossed around while he and the girls lounged around the cabin. Suicide was something hard to think about, and to think about how easy it was to consider it as an option frightened him. He merely shook his head. That was an issue they could approach later, if it came to it.

Besides, someone was coming near. Rene had shouted to the figure, and the fact that she didn't get a response in the form of a hail of bullets had to give him some comfort. Noah stood up, keeping Sawlaska clutched in his hands. He could sort of make out a girl in the distance, but wasn't sure who.

"Yeah! We're all peace, flowers, and chocolate cake here! Please be up for that!" Noah shouted to the figure.

Noah felt his grip tighten on Sawlaska. He really hoped the girl wouldn't be upset to see they didn't have chocolate cake. He liked keeping his intestines inside his body, and he didn't want to die for something like that.
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