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Jonathan watched as Brendan and Alba spoke to each other. His head lowered as Brendan kept to his story. He shouldn't be so selfish, Alba had lost someone, and Brendan was...messed up to say the least for what he had to do. Jonathan had wished Brendan didn't tell him who the victim's accomplice was. He wanted to find Michael, to talk to him. He really wanted to hear his side to it.

He couldn't do that though, he still had to plan out how to get everyone off this island. He had promised Barry, and he couldn't break it now, he's spent too long not getting anything done. He had to do this.

Had to.

Jonathan pulled out his map, pointing towards the gym.

"H-hey Alba? I think if you follow this trail you'll get there, but before you go I gotta tell you something; you too, Brendan." He pointed towards the radio tower on the map.

"Me and Darius think we can get this working. If we can, we can set up a signal, one I don't think the terrorists could block without shutting down their show." Jonathan looked at the two.

"I don't know a thing about radio signals or anything like that, but if we get it working, we'll become a glowing blip for any rescue party's radar, or the terrorists shut down all their broadcasts to hide it. People will come for us, or the people who put us here won't be able to show this any more."

He sighed. He didn't know a thing about radio broadcasts, this was all wishful thinking, that if he got this up and running he wouldn't die for nothing, but that possibility was still very real. And that was even if they got it working. He wouldn't scare them with 'what if's though, he had to stay positive.

"Alba, I hope you find your friends, and if you do, can you tell them about us? We could use all the help we can get."

There was another problem. There was Brendan, who just looked too messed up, he had to help him out. He couldn't lose hope yet, even if... He had to block that out of his mind. There were reasons, and he'd ask if he got the chance. Brendan may have done something wrong, but he...

Brendan believed he did it for the right reasons. He saved someone else's life, and that's all that mattered. If he could have done it another way, Jonathan believed he would have done it.

"It's okay Brendan. You tried to do the right thing, you saved someone. The important part is you tried to help. It wasn't for something selfish. And for whatever reason, the terrorists are giving you something for it. It sounds fucked up, but you need to take it. You might need it to save your life later on. Go and grab it, than come back here, we still believe you Brendan."

He opened the door, looking inside the building.

"If any of you see Darius, could you tell him I'll be waiting here? I don't think I'll be going anywhere else for a while."
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