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Maxim looked at Ben as he delivered the news, his expression remaining unchanged throughout it. So that was it, the reason for the other boy to seemingly panic yet again. At least it wasn't over nothing. Hell, even he himself wouldn't have expected that Lili to just bail, didn't take her for the type. However, just because it surprised him that didn't mean he had to care about it - or her.

He chewed his lip for a fleeting moment, then nodded. "Alright."

Maybe there was more he to say. There probably was. But that wasn't his problem. If anyone owed that girl any amount of words, it wasn't him. She had made her choice, plain and simple. Though admittedly, to say he wasn't at least a tad happy about it would have been a lie. At least now, he didn't have to worry about Lili potentially endangering them.

He didn't answer to Ben's last statement. His first instinct was to tell him that yes, it was indeed wrong - foolish - of him to even consider the possibility of Maxim running off. There was nothing to gain from it, voluntarily abandon shelter only to leap into the unknown. Ben knew that, he had better known that. Thus, the mere thought of Maxim being willing to do so was beyond ridiculous - he wouldn't tell Ben that, of course. Insulting a person's intelligence was not exactly the ideal way to get them to calm down.

He got up from the bed, feeling at the stubble on his chin. It was starting to get a little more scraggly than he was comfortable with. But shaving was his absolute last concern right now. He gazed at Ben, a somewhat curious look on his features, then snuffled, twice.

"What now?" It was clearly a question yet his tone made it sound like an observation.
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