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Shit. Rene was pretty sure that she had said something wrong, because Blair didn't look too happy right now. She was pissed, though. Rene could definitely tell that much. And to be honest, she was not very comfortable with Blair's confidence that she was completely screwed. Although she did have a point, Rene didn't want to hear her basically giving up on life the way it sounded like she was.

But yeah, they were discussing a plan. Or trying to discuss one, at least. Noah floated the initial suggestion of a plan, and Blair didn't seem totally sure on what they should do either. Rene sure as hell didn't have much of an idea either. She could do tactics in video games, sure, but League didn't prepare her for this. They couldn't just regroup and try again if they fucked up. They had one shot, and that was it. No respawns, no re-queues.

But since Noah and Blair had already said her piece, now she had to offer her two cents on the subject, even though she had no clue what she wanted to add to the subject. "So yeah..." Her tone automatically gave away how little she actually had thought about this. "... I've got nothing. I guess we can stick around here for a while, if it's cool with you guys." She moved some dirt around with her foot and shrugged apologetically. "I'm really sorry guys, but I don't really have much of a plan."

Rene turned around and her gaze immediately fell upon a girl that she didn't recognize at all. This girl was absolutely tiny, and Rene's first reaction was to wonder if a twelve-year-old had somehow snuck onto the trip. Another reaction kicked in when she realized that she was looking directly at someone who was not part of their group of three.

Shit. They had company.

Rene turned her head to look over her shoulder at the other two. "Hey, do either of you guys wanna... aw, fuck it." SHe turned back to the mystery girl and gave a small wave. "Hey. We come in peace and all that good shit."

Please, please, PLEASE don't let this bite me in the ass in a few minutes...
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