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Suddenly, it seemed people had coalesced around Henry like some sort of strange film; as he fell, he somehow caused others to appear. Silly, of course; they'd just been there before, or had been attracted by the noise. But as Tara called out to him, and Bryony approached (he didn't even notice Bridgette, to be honest), Henry pulled himself up, using the staff as support.

"I'm alright. Sort of, kind of, I mean, yeah. I didn't break anything. Hopefully." Henry extended a leg and rotated his ankle, then repeated with the other ankle. He didn't appear to be injured. "Yup, all good."

He glanced over at Bryony first. She looked oddly familiar, but that could be a totally false memory. "Hi. Henry's the name. Pleasure." He waved with his left hand, since his right hand was gripping the bo staff as he used it to support his weight for a moment. Then he glanced at the other girl.

He didn't believe he knew her beyond having a strange surname, but she was an odd person from his recollection. Not fun odd, but more reclusive and avoidant. "Hi to you too, I guess." Henry smiled, then glanced back at Bryony. He opened his mouth to speak, but then looked over at Tara.

Then he glanced back at Bryony. "So, ah, hello." Oh yeah, he needed to fish sometime. Or well, he'd like to. And now he had a giant pole, perfect. Not to consider where he'd gotten it, or how his original fishing buddy was who-knows-where. Not dead, thankfully, or a killer.

Henry grinned. "Would either of you know where I could get a lure, a bobber, and/or some twine?"
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