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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba's arms started to shake. She should have been more used to holding a gun up, what with her history of carrying golf bags and younger siblings around. The gun had to be less than ten pounds, but she was finding it hard to keep up. Fortunately for her, Brendan began to explain himself. He said he killed that guy because he and some other guy were about to kill a girl. He was even crying and apologizing for it.

Alba sighed in relief. She had to know Brendan would never murder someone in cold blood. He was such a nice guy, and he seemed genuinely hurt by what he did. That told her that he had to have done it knowing it was necessary despite how wrong it was.

Alba lowered the gun, finally giving her arms some relief from the weight.

"Hey, it's fine," she said, reassuringly to Brendan. "I mean, it's not good to kill, but if it was to save someone, than I guess it's fine. I'm sure that girl is grateful to you for what you did, and I'm sure the authorities will understand when help comes. I know you, Bren, and I know you're not a monster like Kimiko or those other killers. So I'll trust you. Okay?"

Alba gave Brendan and Jonathan a smile. After a night of wandering alone, it was good to see some people were still nice on the island.

"So, um, I guess we should talk business, or whatever. Do you guys know where the gym is? My friend, Bryony, is supposed to be there."
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