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Brendan could see that Alba was not doing alright but he had to ask. She saw someone die? That must have been horrifying to witness. He had only seen that girl's corpse. And he caused Jeremiah to die. How different would it had been if he had just been a witness? He didn't want to know. It was too late to think about that now. He had to think about Alba and Jonathan. He should tell them about the others at the chapel. But first....

He took a slow step closer to her, making sure that his own weapon was still lowered towards the ground. He was keeping an eye on the gun for a second before he raised his gaze towards Alba's face. He really wanted to hug her but.... but....

"I'm sorry that you went through that, Alba. I.... I'm sure that you will be safe with me and Jonathan. We won't do anything bad. I...."

You can't make a promise, Brendan. You could screw up again....

Brendan didn't want to be reminded of what he and Jonathan had been talking about. But he knew that he had to tell Alba as well. Would she think that he was a bad person? Would she just shoot him after he spoke about it? He had to chance it. He already told Jonathan so she was allowed to know. He thought that Alba and Jonathan were more deserving of going home than him anyway.

"Alba.... About what I did.... Killing Jeremiah.... I just...." He couldn't get the words out. Why was it so difficult to speak up? He just felt so.... tired. "I was wrong. I just wanted to save a girl from him and Michael. They were planning on killing her and I just...."

He let out a choked sob and he could feel something wet on his face. Tears...? No, no. He didn't want to cry. He had wanted to do it in private.

He realized that he couldn't handle what he had done and he hated himself for it. He wished that he could have bottled up everything inside. But it was too hard for him to do so.

"I-I-I'm sorry..... I'm so, s-so sorry...."
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