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Jonathan's tension eased when the gunman. Gunwoman? It was Alba. Her and Brendan knew each other so that might make things easier. Jonathan could find out what's really going on, and in return tell Brendan the truth about his plans.

Alba wanted a talk too, she wanted to be with people. Jonathan really didn't blame her. That time he spent alone after what happened to Barry? He wouldn't be surprised if some of the insane people on this island started that way too.


Jonathan looked up at the sky only to see Brendan above him. Well, he was about a foot taller than him, Jonathan felt kind of embarrassed about it. All Alba had to do was aim up if she wanted Brendan dead. Or shoot twice...

Jonathan shook his head of any negative thoughts and moved aside, leaning against the wall. He still thought about what Brendan told him. It couldn't have been true, but the way Brendan was so shook up over it...

"We were... We were just talking about what happened yesterday."

He needed answers first, then he'd tell him his part.
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