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With a panicked push, Ben opened the door to Maxim's room. "Maxim...?!", he repeated again, though he trailed off when he saw that his fear had been for naught. Maxim sat on the edge of the bed, looking at him. He breathed a sigh of relief, but felt ashamed almost immediately. He had barged into Maxim's room, not unannounched, but without waiting for Maxim to let him in. He retreated back through the door, holding his hands in front of him.

"I... sorry.", he mumbled. He owed Maxim an explanation. He lowered his hands. "Sorry. Listen: Lili's gone. She's vanished. And as far as I can tell, she went by herself. I was afraid you'd be gone too. That... that was wrong of me." He felt stupid. Why would Maxim be gone? He had just been going to talk to him over his dilemma and had praised him as morally steadfast.

He guessed he was just afraid of losing another friend. He became more and more aware of how Lili's departure hurt him. He had thought they were in this together, that they would watch each other's backs and help each other escape! Lili leaving put another dent in his confidence. Yesterday there was the one over his own sanity, this morning there had been the one over his classmates' morallity, and now, the very concept of friendship seemed fragile, delicate, when just twenty minutes ago it had been an unshakable pillar. He didn't know how many hits he could take.

It didn't help that he was accutely aware that his chances of escaping alive had shrunken quite a bit because of this. That Lili might have caused him, inadvertently or no, to never see his family again.

But all was not lost. There was still Maxim, after all.
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