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"Jerking a monkey's dick aside, I'm not giving up either," Mel said, a bit more grumpily than she'd intended. "I'm not gonna freeze to death. Besides, you can consider it as doing me a favor back by not having to see all that blood every time I look at you."

Or worrying about what someone with less of a good head on their shoulders would think, seeing him like that. What they would do.

She swung her jacket up and over her shoulder in a quick, neat motion. Aiden had said he wouldn't be convinced to take it no matter what she said - and he sounded like he meant it - but she wasn't going to drop the subject and put her jacket back on that easily.

"Yeah. I guess... we might as well take a look." Maybe she was hesitating. Maybe she knew what she'd likely find.

Screw it. She opened the door.

She might have been expecting the worst, but it still took her a moment to process that she was really staring right at it. The corpse. It? Him. Barry - and she thought she remembered his name on the announcement, something about Alvaro pushing him, and his neck was bent at a terrible angle, enough that it almost looked silly, almost looked like something she might have painted when she was younger, when she'd had no real sense of how human anatomy worked.

Barry inside, Harold outside, and Aiden and Serena behind her. Mel suddenly felt her stomach lurch dangerously as she pushed the impulse to vomit down - Cameron in the hunting lodge, the smell of vomit in the air, she'd just fucking abandoned her to Tessa without a second thought once Vinny came along - and her grip on the door wavered before she fought herself back to reality. Back to the sight and smell of death.

"I'm going to close the door," she said, and that was all she could manage.
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