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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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And that's when the door flew open and -

(Audrey Reyes continued from Hideaway.)

- oh hey she didn't know anyone was in this dump.

"Holy fuck!"

Suffice it to say Audrey stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes went wide, she took a step back. She damn near tumbled over her own shoelaces. Her hand took hold of the door frame though so she ended up sorta slumping against it.

"Jasper!" Audrey let out a gasp of relief. It did not sound particularly relieved. "You scared the crap out of me!"

Audrey straightened her shoulders. She furrowed her brows together and she narrowed her eyes at Jasper. Audrey felt suspicious, though the life of her she could not determine why. There was really nothing to be suspicious of. It wasn't like Jasper was restricted from this area of the asylum or whatever, employees only. It was just, like, it was WEIRD. And kind of creepy. Sitting around in a big room all by yourself. Had Jasper been trying to sleep? No way was he getting any in that chair. The floor looked more comfortable!

Maybe it was just the shock of finally running across someone and not having a clear cut way to avoid them. There were probably worst people to stumble across. Jasper was harmless -- at least, Audrey always figured he was harmless. He looked harmless. The logical part of Audrey's brain made it clear that looks weren't everything. But, like, she had her nunchaku. If Jasper tried anything she could just boink him on the head and run away.

She felt her stomach churn for what felt like the tenth time that day -- and the sun was still out! Well. Sorta. The sky was turning to shit, which was why she sought shelter in the asylum. Whatever, semantics.

"What the heck are you doing in here?" Audrey asked -- then, with a swift clearing of the throat, "Did you come in here to beat the rain? Because it looks like it's going to start pouring."

How's the weather on Butcher Island Audrey? Oh, so-so, y'know?

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