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What was there to say?

If it had been an ordinary day, if the four of them had simply happened to occupy a certain stretch of the hall at school at once or something, Cass doubted any of them would have spared even a glance for the others. Wade for Irene, maybe, but even she seemed at a loss from his appearance. Their new commonality of mortal peril was the only thing keeping them there; grasping for any shred of normalcy they could, even while one of them carried a gun while they exchanged hesitant greetings over a dead girl. Much preferable to the alternative, of course, and in the case of Trav it had paid off wonderfully. Cass only wished that they had met each other sooner. But sometimes? Normalcy still sucked.

It was almost a relief when Wade made his intentions clear, dispelling any need for social pretense and small talk. His dismissal of Irene as 'familiar' confirmed Cass's suspicions of their relationship, or lack thereof. Cass could understand not wanting to be around crowds of strangers, wanting to cling to a special, singular person while everything unraveled around you, but his insistence on "tag-teaming" regardless of his companion was troubling. It sounded strategic, and Cass couldn't help but mistrust anyone who was actively playing along and making plans. Wanting just one person implied that you didn't particularly care what happened to the rest.

"I, uh, don't think it's good - I just don't think any of us want to split up, y'know?" Cass said, awkwardly rubbing the back of their neck. They didn't want to assume Irene's position, but she definitely looked uncomfortable; especially considering how Wade was appealing to her specifically. "I mean, if you want company, I don't mind if you tag along, but..." They didn't want to completely alienate Wade, either, considering how fast Cass had been to assume the worst of him.
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