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((Darius Van Dyke continued from My Human Gets Me Blues))

Walking sucked. Carrying his bag sucked. Touching and carrying a corpse sucked. The weather seemed like it was about to suck. And oh jesus, Lili sighted company at the bridge. Yes, that's what Darius needed. More people to deal with. And Lili even tried to communicate with the other junior.

He stared at Lili. Strictly.

"Hey. I talk."

Who's the leader of the group that's made for you and me? D-A-R-I-U-S Mouse. That's right.

Then, he dropped his part of Jasmine so he could focus all of his attention to the short girl. And, to take a quick break from carrying her. Goddamn, weren't there any smokes on the island?

"Whatcha looking at? Have you never seen a corpse before?"

He shouted that at Natalie with a mocking tone. No need to be indirect.
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